Summer season

Hiking and Trekking

For groups of more than 6 people we offer 10% discount

Enjoy and explore Pirin mountain with our experienced mountain guides

We offer trips that are suitable for everyone from novices exploring the mountains for the first time to experienced mountaineers striving for the ultimate challenge.

All our trips are led by highly qualified mountain guides, ready to share their passion with you.

Check out our selected tracks below.

Hikе to Vihren (2914m) the highest peak in Pirin mountain

Advanced level, 1 day hike

Cost 68 BGN per person

Bezbog hut, through Tevno lake hut, to Demianitsa hut

Advanced level, 1 day hike

Cost 90 BGN per person

Vihren hut to Yavorov hut through Koncheto Ridge

Advanced level, 1 day hike

Cost 76 BGN per person

Okoto lake & the oldest tree in Bulgaria (Baikusaheva mura) 1300 years old

Easy level, 1 day hike

Cost 60 BGN per person

Bansko to Demianitsa hut through Vasilashko lake and back.

Easy level, 1 day hike

Cost 68 BGN per person

Mountain track from Bezbog hut to Popovo lake

Easy level, 1 day hike

Cost 70 BGN per person

The 3 Lakes - Muratovo, Ribnoto & Okoto lakes

Easy level, 1 day hike

Cost 68 BGN per person

The 5 lakes - Muratovo, Ribnoto, Dalgoto, Jabeshko and Okoto lakes

Easy level, 1 day hike

Cost 65 BGN per person

Two and three days tracks, or unmarked routes are carried out on request

Easy to Advanced level, 2 -3 days hike

Cost to be determined

Cultural Experiences

Day trips, excursions or local town tours

Discover some of the most fascinating and interesting places in Bulgaria with our excursions. Take yourself a day off and come on a trip with us.

We have selected interesting, traditional and cultural places, definitely worth visiting

Museums, wine-tasting, beaches, caves and ancient cities – we have selected interesting, historical and modern places for you to see, so please join us for a memorable experience while in beautiful Bulgaria. 

Bansko to Melnik, Rozhen monastery

Cost 75 BGN per person

Bansko to Melnik - Wine tasting in the best wine region in Bulgaria

Cost 80 BGN per person

Bansko to Rila monastery - a must see historical place

Cost 75 BGN per person

An unforgettable day at Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa

Cost 59 BGN per person

Sightseeing trip from Bansko to Plovdiv (Ancient Theatre)

Cost 100 BGN per person

For the true explorers - Bansko to the Yagodina Cave

Cost 110 BGN per person

Bansko to Sofia - sightseeing in the capital of Bulgaria

Cost 100 BGN per person

Bansko to Kavala (Greece)

Cost 100 BGN per person

Bansko Sightseeing

Cost 30 BGN per person


Mountain ATV tours

If you are looking for a new way to explore the natural wonderlands of Pirin and Rila Mountains, we offer you our unique All Terrain Vehicle tours. An unforgettable and thrilling adventure for groups, couples and solo enthusiasts. 

ATV adventure tours - what is included

Driving an ATV in the Pirin and Rila Mountains is an adrenaline experience based in the nature. Only in few European places you’ll meet mules, sheep and shepherds while driving a 4-wheel-drawn ATV.

Dressed in jacket, trousers, gloves and helmet on even a hot summer day we skim through shady forests over vast mountains, through roaring rivers, along the lake shores and on sloping ditches and slopes along home made trails or on trails just in front of us.

ATV Adventure Tour

Cost 100 BGN per person

ATV Adventure Tour PLUS

Cost 160 BGN per person

АТV Extreme Tour

Cost 180 BGN per person

mountain bike

Mountain bike in Bansko region

There are tracks for everyone and there are no age limits. We offer you light and pleasant marches around Bansko Town and tours to Dobrinishte Town and Bania Village where you can visit many beautiful places.

Mountain Bike Guides & Rental Services

BIKE RENTAL 10 BGN per hours
BIKE RENTAL 30 BGN per day

Guided biking tours upon request. From 55 BGN per person.

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